Love in the Mob House


“We asked you nicely twice and you refused our boss’s generous offer. Now you have no choice but to come with us.” The two men in the black suits put a bag over my head. I felt them handcuff me. I knew they were going to transport me from my house. I didn’t know to where. They had me tied for hours, waiting for instructions from the boss.

I guessed that was the way I was gonna go. I had come to term with it. I wasn’t in the best place of my life. So I could care less if I died or not.

I was alone. My family had their lives made. So no one came around. The boys also had their families and solo projects. So I rarely saw them when we weren’t on tour. My love life was non-existent by choice. I was tired of girls trying to use me. So even hook ups sucked. To be honest I didn’t care anymore.

The men put me in a car, and drove around for what seemed like an eternity. They did it on purpose so that I didn’t calculate the distance. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, all I had on me was the clothes and shoes I put on that morning. I didn’t have a chance to grab anything when we left.

“Did you lock my door?”

“Yes I did.” Said one of the men.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To see the boss.”

“Alright. I get to finally meet Bruce Springsteen!” I decided to let my smart ass come out.

“No. You’re so funny. He’s so funny. You know which one we are talking about.” We arrived to our destination and escorted me inside. They sat me on a chair and tied me up. Once I was secured to the chair they removed the bag off my head. There, sitting in front of me was their boss, Lorenzo ‘Enzo’ Marino, the most bad ass gangster of our time. He had a worse reputation than Capone.

“Mr. Carter, so good to finally meet you in person.” I glared at him. “Do you have any idea why you’re here ?”

“No. All I know is that I refused your offer and here I am.”

“I want to change your mind.”

“I doubt you will.”

“I want you to marry my daughter, Adonissa.”

“I’m not gonna do that. I’ve heard of your daughter, and not even the devil will marry her.” The two body guards took a turn to punch me. Enzo gestured for them to stop.

“Don’t you speak about the boss’s baby like that.”

“It’s alright boys, Are you sure you won’t?”

“I’d rather die.”

“Very well.” He stood up from the chair behind his big red oak desk and walked to the bodyguards. He whispered at them. Then they both walked to me and untied me from the chair. “I’ve decided that you will stay here.” I tried getting out of the bodyguards’ grip but the one on the left punched my rib cage. They escorted me to a dungeon and cuffed me with my hands over my head. I was standing up. They took my shirt off and whipped me, leaving huge bleeding gashes on my back. Then if that wasn’t enough, they dumped a bucket of scorching hot water. I screamed because the hot water on my ripped skin burned a lot. That was a mistake, as soon as I screamed they punched me in the face multiple times. I immediately began to bleed, and felt my eye swell up.

“We will be back in 4 hours.” They walked out. It got extremely quiet. All I could hear was my labored breath and the beat of my broken heart. For the first time in my life, I felt defeat.

4 hours later on the dot, Flotsam and Jetsam came back as promised.

“So… are you going to marry the boss’s daughter?”

“Hell no!”

“Then that leaves us with no choice.” They kicked me in the stomach 4 times. I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was going to choke on my blood.

“We will back in 4 more hours” They slammed the door. Several minutes later, I heard the door latch being opened. It was too soon for them to be back. So who could’ve that been? I looked up to see who it was but I didn’t have much strength to keep my head up. In the quick glance, I saw a girl.

“Oh NO!!!” I heard the girl say. “Nick! I’m so sorry.” She sounded sincere. She kneeled in front of me. She lifted my face up with her tender hands. “Oh my god. Your beautiful face. I’ll be right back.” She ran out and came back shortly with some rags and a bottle of white rum. Once again she kneeled in front of me, soaked a rag in rum and began to dab my wounds. “I can’t put bandages because they will know someone was here.”

“I know. Thank You.” I managed to whisper. “What’s your name?” The mob twins were coming down the hallway.

“I have to go.  But I’ll be back. I promise.” She whispered. She ran out forgetting to lock the door. They noticed the door open.

“Who was here?” I didn’t respond. I wasn’t about to rat out the only one that had shown me kindness. “I repeat, who was in here?” I didn’t say anything once more. “Alright.” They repeatedly punched me. And between every punch they would ask me again. I wouldn’t say anything.

When they left again, I kept thinking about the girl. She was so beautiful. Not ugly at all like they said she was. I knew she had a heart of gold. But what was she doing with these animals.

After she made so many trips to the dungeon, she yelled at her daddy and convinced him to let me go. I spent several months in that house. She treated me like a king. She fed me, and clothed me. She showed me that she was the one I was looking for. So I married her. And of course her daddy was ecstatic. That’s how I became the son in law of the most feared man of our time.