Kidnapped on New Year’s

New Year’s Eve was a time that I dreaded. I’ve been alone since Nissa and I ended it. And as you well know the first thing a guy is supposed to do on New Year’s when the clock strikes midnight is kiss the girl that he’s with. Since I am a man of one night stands and I rather not get a girl’s hopes up, I rather fly solo on this night.

Nissa and I ended because although we still loved each other, our careers were driving us apart. We tried for several years to keep hanging on but we both agreed that it was just too much for us. We got an amicable divorce. She’s moved on to someone that can be with her more than I ever could. Me, I’m once again living the bachelor life. Not expecting that this New Year’s Eve my world was gonna be flipped upside down once more.

I had been partying all week. So that morning I already had a hangover from hell. I woke up in a hotel room with a girl draped over me. I didn’t remember anything except doing body shots off of that girl and that was it. I slowly got out of bed and cleaned myself up. I called room service and ordered some scrambled eggs. I was craving them. It didn’t take them long to bring it up for me. I sat at the table and ate while I let the girl a little longer. She woke up shortly after I was done eating.

“Hey baby.” She said to me while batting her eyes.

“Hi. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did. Especially after the night we had.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes. How about round 5?” Holy Shit, did she say round 5?! I must’ve been so drunk.

“I can’t, sexy. I have to go to a meeting with the label.”

“But it’s New Year’s Eve.” She said pouting her lips.

“Music never takes a break.” I didn’t have any meetings. I just wanted an escape.

“Oh alright. Are you going to Jake’s party tonight?”

“Not sure.”

“OK call me if you are. I would love to hook up with you again.”

“I will.” The girl got dressed and left. The sad part was I didn’t remember her name. I picked up my things and checked out of the room. I walked out of the lobby and remembered that she drove. So where the hell was my car? Probably at Mike’s house or was the party at the club? I needed some coffee. I couldn’t think with my pounding head. I saw this little coffee shop across the street from the hotel so I crossed the street and went in. I ordered some strong coffee and I sat down. As I was sitting there trying to figure out what in God’s name I did the night before, a group of girls came in. I watched them get their coffees and sat down at the other end of the coffee shop. One of the girls kept glancing over at me. Giving me the flirty eyes and biting her lip. To be honest, I was digging her. I could hear them. From what I gathered, the girl’s name was Skyler.

“Skyler, you do know that he’s probably not into girls like you right?” I looked over at Skyler and I could see sadness in her eyes. But there was anger there too. Enough for her to do something about it.

“Let me guess, he likes girls like you. Skinny anorexic girls?”

“Of course Sky. I mean why would he like a girl that looks like she ate 2 dozen doughnuts?” I couldn’t believe all that was coming out of that girl’s mouth. I couldn’t believe that she would let her treat her like that.

“You know what Brit? I’m gonna bet you that I can get him to take me to bed tonight.”

“I dare you to do that. You’re gonna fall flat on your face.”

“Deal. If I win you’re gonna buy me coffee for the next year.”

“Fine. I know you aren’t gonna win this bet.” I smiled to myself. I thought that was too adorable. Skyler walked in my direction. I looked up at her. She had the most beautiful blue eyes.

“Hi. My name is Skyler.”

“Nice to meet you, Skyler. I’m Nick.” I shook her hand. She smiled. “Please sit down.” I stood up and pushed her chair in.

“Thank you.” I could see the girls at the other table watching in awe. “So here’s the issue. I made a deal with my friend that I would get you to have sex with me tonight. Id I succeed, my friend will buy me coffee for the next year.” I listened to her. What I got from everything she was saying and from what I overheard was that she was trying to prove to her friend that she was just as good as her. “Now I don’t expect you to fuck me. So will you do me a favor and pretend that you will bed me?” I looked at her. Normally I would just go for it and fuck the girl. But this girl was something else.

“What do I get from all of this?”

“Well. I’m pretty sure that you’ve been going to party after party. So what I can offer is a laid back day. We can grab some dinner and then we can go to my friend’s party. I mean it’s not anything you are used to but it’s proven to be fun in the last couple of years.”

“I’m intrigued. OK, I’m in. But first can you come to my house so that I can shower and change outfits?”

“Of course.”

“Great let me go get a cab.” As I walked out the door, she went to the girls to let them know she was leaving. I looked through the window and I could tell, they were concern. That they were calling her crazy for just leaving with a stranger. Skyler didn’t change her mind. She met me outside just as the cab pulled over. We got in and made our way to my house. “So why do you hang out with that girl. She is just a bitch.”

“Brit? We’ve been friends since we were little. She wasn’t always like this. She changed when we moved this way.”

“Why do you stick with her?”

“Unknowingly she gives me that push to be confident. But I don’t let her know that.” I smiled at her.

“So where are you guys from?”

“We are actually from Massachusetts.”

“Wow, what brought you out here?”

“I hated it over there. I was so depressed. I needed a change really bad. And Brit was going to college over her so I came with her.”

“I’m glad you did. By the way you are extraordinary. Typically when a girl bullies another girl like Brit does you, it would tear her apart.”

“Not Me!!!” She said proudly. “What about you? What’s your story?”

“I was married for 15 years. We got a divorce because our careers were demanding too much of us. We tried our best to keep our marriage going the last 5 years but it was too much for her. She was so stressed trying to deal with her career and being my wife that she broke down.”

“Why didn’t she give up her business? I mean clearly I would pick you over anything else.”

“She loved her career. And understood that. It’s not like she had abandoned me. She was trying so hard to juggle both me and her career. And then my career wasn’t helping the situation. So we both decided to go our separate ways. She’s much happier.”

“So you guys still have communication?”

“Yes. We check in every so often.”

“That’s good for the kids.”

“Yes. It actually is. Our daughter is very close to the both of us so it’s crucial that we keep good communication between us.”

“That’s really good. Do you plan to get married again?”

“If I find a girl worth my time, maybe.”

“At least you haven’t gotten bitter.” I smiled at her comment. We arrived at my house. I paid the driver and I lead her into the house.”

“Wow. You have a beautiful house.”

“Thank you. It’s my safe place.”

“I would make it my safe place too.”

“Make yourself at home. Mi casa es tu casa.” She giggled.

“Thank you.”

“I’ll be back in a few.”

“OK.” I went to shower and then I got dressed. As I was making my way back to the living room, my phone rang.

“Yo Kaos, what are you doing tonight?”

“Not much. Just hanging with a girl.”

“Another one?”

“Jake, you know how I roll.”

“Bring her with you.”

“Nah, I want to hang out with her.”

“Well you know where the party at if you change your mind.”

“I know.” I realized that I was smitten with Skyler. How did I know that? I just turned down a party with my best friend to hang out with her. I went downstairs and I found her sitting on the floor playing tug ‘o’ war with Nacho. She was laughing so hard. She had such a beautiful laugh. “Hey. I see you found Nacho.”

“Nacho? He is just awesome.”

“He’s been my best friend for a long time.” Nacho laid his head on her lap. She was rubbing his head and he seemed to be drifting into la la land. “So what’s on the itinerary?”

“I have to go home and change. Then I can treat you to dinner since I kidnapped you. Then we go to Brit’s for the party.”

“Sounds good to me. We can take my car.”

“Ok.” We made our way to her house.

“OK. So I know you know who I am. How come you are not fan girling over me?”

“Because you are just a normal guy and I respect that.” I wasn’t expecting that answer. “ I mean it’s really cool that you agreed to hang out with me. But it just shows how laid back you are.”

“Well thank you.”

“You’re welcome. That’s my house.” I pulled into the drive way. She lived in a small studio apartment. The building was well kept.

“Wow. It’s really nice.”

“Yes. It’s very cozy.” She lead me into her apartment. It was so perfect for her. “Make yourself at home. Like you told me earlier, mi casa es tu casa.” We laughed. She then went to get dressed. When she came back, she took my breath away. She was wearing this black and blue corset over a black ruffled shirt. Black fitted jeans with black 6 inch pumps. She was a little bit taller than me. Her outfit hugged all the right curves of her voluptuous body. She wasn’t as big as Brit made her seem. She let her long black hair down. Big ringlets cascading down to the small of her back. Her makeup was perfect. She didn’t put so much on, like all the other girls I’ve slept with.

“You look so beautiful.” I stood up and kissed her hand. She blushed.

“Thank you.” She smiled shyly. “Shall we?”

“Yes. Where did you want to go for dinner?”

“How about the Water Grill?”

“Yeah, that sounds perfect.”

“Good.” We made our way to the restaurant. We were seated immediately.

“Are you sure you can afford this place?”

“Yes. I have a decent job.”

“Oh yeah you haven’t told me where you work.”

“I am a waitress at Providence.”

“Oh yeah. You definitely make decent money there. That place is too high class even for me.”

“I’m not rich but I can have a good lifestyle.”

“Hey that’s good.” We ordered. I couldn’t help but gaze at her. I knew it was too soon for me to say but I wanted more with this girl.

“So I’m curious, would you ever date someone who is famous?”

“As long as he respects me.”

“Of course.” This was my chance to ask her out on a date but we were interrupted by her phone.

“Sky, where the hell are you?”

“I’m having dinner with Nick.”

“Are you still coming to the party?”

“Yes I am.”

“Good, so we will see you then.”

“OK.” As soon as she hung up I was gonna ask her but the waiter brought out our dinner. So as soon as he walked away I asked her.

“Skyler, I don’t normally do this because let’s be honest, I’m not a second date kind of guy but you…there’s something about you. I would like to get to know you. So I was wondering if you’d go on a second date with me?”

“I would love to. You are an amazing guy.”

“You have made me feel like a regular guy. Thank you for that.”

“I’m glad you feel like that way.” I was so happy she accepted. We chatted as we ate. By the time we were done it was about 8:15. I decided to take her for ice cream. Coincidently there was an ice cream shop several doors down from the restaurant. So we walked. The temperature was perfect for a stroll. We got our ice cream cones and walked down the street. She watched everybody that was around. The air was filled with festiveness. It was magical. What the hell was going on with me? I just met this girl and I was feeling like I did when Lauren and I were dating. I pushed the feeling aside. I focused on how Skyler was enjoying the moment.

It was about 11:00 when we finally made it to Brit’s. The party was at full speed. Sky introduced me to everyone. Brit walked over to use and pulled Sky aside.

“Soooo…Did you bed him?”


“Ha! So I won the bet. I knew you couldn’t do it.” I interrupted.

“I’m sorry, but you didn’t.”

“Oh yeah. How so?” She looked at me with dagger in her eyes.

“I asked her to go out with me. So she’s getting more than a one night stand with me.”

“Damn it. I guess you get coffee for the next year. As promised.” Brit walked away in disbelief that Skyler won the bet. Sky and me spent the rest of the hour dancing and drinking. Laughing at each other. It was like we were the only ones in the room. I was having so much fun with her. At 11:58 every one grabbed the glasses of champagne and huddled around the middle of the room. When it got to less than a minute till midnight everyone was counting down. Sky kept looking around admiring and loving that everyone was happy. The atmosphere was so amazing. The clock finally struck midnight and I pulled Sky by her waist and I planted a kiss on her lips.

“That was unexpected. Happy New Year’s, Nick.”

“Happy New Year’s, baby girl.” I kissed her again. We partied till the sun came up. Somehow, I knew that that was the beginning of something beautiful with Skyler.