Congratulations on the newest addition to the Backstreet Family

Congratulations to Aj, Rochelle, and Ava on the birth of Lyric Deanna.


The boys have released BSBMojis for our phones. Costing $1.99. They are available for both iOS and Android. Fun times are ahead!

Click Hereto get yours for iOS.

Click Here to get yours for Android

Short Stories

So as most of you already know I had never written a short story. Why you ask? Well because, I love giving detail to everything that it’s impossible to keep it short. So my friend Tracy (I will post links to where you can follow her. She’s a fellow writer and she is great!) challenged us on the BSB Fanfiction Facebook page we are part of to write a short holiday story about BSB. So I immediately accepted the challenge. I did it. And not only that, I wrote it in Nick’s point of view (another challenge for me). I called it Kidnapped on New Year’s. Just wanted to share that.

 photo Kidnappedphoto_zpsjtbyrf9n.jpg

Kidnapped on New Year’s

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WattPad: @KrickingKaos

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I logged back on to my WattPad and I saw I was posting Where Do We Go From Here there too. You can follow me there too!

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Everything on hold. 

I have been working on I Promise You, Chapter 13 of Where Do We Go From Here for maybe 2 months.  In that time I lost my job, and as off yesterday my laptop crapped out. My story was saved in it. So I have to put everything on hold for now until I can recover my chapter and continue to job search. I don’t need to put all this on here but I wanted to let you know what’s going on with me. 

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Dancing With The Stars Switcharoo.

After all votes were put in, Nick has been partnered up with Witney Carson. They will be dancing the Paso Doble. While Sharna has been partnered up with Andy Grammer and they will be doing the Argentine Tango.