What Where Do We Go From Here Means To Me

I’ve been writing Where Do Go From Here for a little more than 3 years. And in this time I have plotted, schemed, brainstormed, day dreamed, you name it. It has become a part of me. So I’ve wondered, what would happen if I did finish this story? Well I’ve thought about it. This story has become such a part of me that I can’t picture myself without it. If I finish it, I won’t have any more plotting to do. Someone suggested that I write another one. She’s right, I should. But I don’t think I would feel the … Continue reading What Where Do We Go From Here Means To Me

Tragically Discouraged

It is 2:24am. I’ve been doing this for the past couple of weeks. I usually function better at night. So I take this time to write Where Do We Go From Here. Right now I’m on chapter 11. Also known as Tragically Determined. And somehow for the past several weeks I’ve been feeling discouraged with my story. I know that I should be writing it for me. Like its for me but I can’t help but think that if my story is not good enough for me that it’s not good enough for the couple of people that are actually … Continue reading Tragically Discouraged